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Coleman Remediation Services

Our Range of Specialist Remediation Services

Coleman Remediation offer advice and consultation. As a contractor we employ a variety of specialist remediation technologies which include: 
  • Active / Passive Capping installations 
  • Active / Passive Ground Gas Mitigation Installations
  • Air Sparging 
  • Asbestos and Soils
  • Bioremediation  
  • Chemical Barriers 
  • Complex Sorting 
  • Ground Water Treatment 
  • In-situ / Ex-situ Chemical Interventions 
  • Physical Barriers 
  • Recycling, Reprocessing and In-Project Re-use 
  • Single / Multi-Phase Extraction 
  • Soil Treatment Centre / Soil Washing 
  • Stabilisation / Solidification 
  • Thermal Desorption

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